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About AAP Accredited ACH Professional

Earn your AAP accreditation and set yourself apart while giving you and your organization the competitive edge!

The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam is designed to elevate your knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of the ACH payment channel. Passing this exam sets you apart as a well-rounded payments professional and the go-to internal resource.

If you are contemplating taking the AAP exam, ePayResources provides the method and materials to give you the best opportunity for achieving accreditation.

Our training programs consist of webinars, workshops, in-person classes plus on-demand courses, and each is structured to aid in your preparation. The AAP accreditation is within your reach. 

Please note that Nacha recommends at least two years of experience in the payments industry prior to taking the AAP exam.

Review for the Exam

This intensive review course helps candidates prepare for the AAP exam by reviewing critical areas of study, assessing your knowledge level, and identifying weaknesses.

You can expect:

  • Hands-on exercises
  • Group interaction
  • Practice test questions
  • Test-taking tips
  • Key concepts about taking a computerized multiple-choice exam
  • Study tips from AAP professionals

The exam preparation webinar series for 2022 has concluded. If you are taking the 2022 exam, you can still register for one of our two-day Review Before You Test sessions. Check back in January for the 2023 AAP Prep schedule!

AAP Certification Test Preparation Webinar Series

Join us for an interactive series including 9 webinars designed to inform and engage as you prepare for the AAP exam!

Members: $995 
Non-members: $1,495
Up to 21.6 AAP / APRP Credits

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