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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I login?


Use your ePayResources website login to access ePayU.

Why does this page display? What does it mean?

This is part of our integration connecting ePayU to ePayResources. It only “splashes” on the screen and then disappears, you may ignore it.


Why am I not seeing anything after I login?

You may be blocking pop-up windows, which are required for ePayU. To enable all popup windows, go to Settings, Cookies and Site Permissions, (Pop-ups and redirects), add https://epayu.epayresources.org to allow pop-up windows.

How do I get started?

Once you log-in to access ePayU, the full library of online continuing education courses will be available to you.

Use the Catalog search located in both the sidebar of the homepage and the top navigation bar to search for all courses open for registration.

Use the full site search at the top of the homepage to search for file collection items, videos, and podcasts in addition to courses.

What is the difference between Categories and Types?

Categories are set up regarding the content topics. Examples are: ACH, BSA/AML, Cards, Checks, Crypto, Faster Payments, Fraud, Treasury Management, and Wires.

Types are defined according to the content modality (live, prerecorded, virtual, in-person, hybrid).

What is subscriber content?

Through ePayU, digital education content is available now as a new benefit of your membership. Today more than ever before, convenient, easy-to-use eLearning opportunities for payments professionals are a must. Full financial institution members and ePayU Subscribers have 24/7/365 access to ePayResources’ continuing education content, from our virtual events to recorded webinars and a lot more. 

There are over 65 continuing education courses available to you via ePayU. Our online, continuing education curriculum covers a wide range of payments channels and topics, including ACH, Card, Checks, Audit & Compliance, Faster Payments, etc.

What are Microsessions?

Microsessions pack a punch, quickly! When you only have a few minutes to squeeze in payments education, our brief but informative microsessions allow you to make the most of your time!

I finished my course, why is my certificate “grayed” out/disabled?

You must complete the survey before you can get the certificate.

How do I print my certificate?

After you have completed the course and the survey, click on the certificate and a button should appear that says “View/Print Your Certificate”. You may view it, print it as a pdf, or print it to a local printer.

Can I use ePayU to achieve my professional designations or certifications?

ePayU online courses may be eligible for continuing education credits needed to maintain your professional accreditations. ePay offers several accreditation and certification educational programs to help payments professionals as they pursue their professional development goals.

Click here epayresources.org/prodev to visit ePay’s Professional Development information center to review our available offerings.

Can I customize my eLearning experiences?

No two learners are alike, which means that no two learning experiences should be alike. ePayU allows busy adult learners to get a customized virtual experience every time, which means that you have control over what and how you learn.

Is there a set schedule?

No, content is available around the clock. ePayU fits into any schedule because you can access courses and learning materials when and where it is most convenient for you.

Can ePayU content be shared?

No. Only users granted access can utilize content within ePayU. There is no ability to download courses or share them.

Can other staff members from my FI access ePayU?

Yes. Every staff member at your institution can make use of ePayU and begin consuming content. There is no limit placed on the number of users from your institution. If you need assistance with login credentials, please contact membership@epayresources.org.

Do I need to allow pop-ups?

If at any point an ePayU window is blocked by your internet browser, you may need to add cloud.scorm.com to the list of sites that are allowed to send pop-ups in your browser's privacy settings.

What happens when a course expires?

Expired courses will still appear in your Dashboard in the On-Demand Products section. 

When a course has expired, a note will appear above the course description that says the following: Incomplete - The maximum amount of time allotted to complete this product has expired.

When you click on a course that has expired, it will look as though you have not registered. At that time, you can register again and restart the course from the beginning. 

Why am I not seeing the course I was enrolled in?

All ePayU courses should be purchased, enrolled in, and activated by the individual who will take the course, not by a manager on behalf of the person who will take the course. If someone else enrolled you, you will need to re-enroll in the course yourself under your own ePayU user profile. If you are trying to access subscriber content that is included with your membership at no additional charge, just log in to your ePayU user profile and activate the course. If someone already paid for a course for you under their user profile or you need assistance logging in, please contact our Member Relations team at 800-475-0585, Option 4.

Can I enroll someone on my team in an ePayU course?

At this time managers cannot assign courses to others within ePayU, and the individual would have to re-enroll under their own ePayU user profile.  This is a current limitation of the system but has been submitted to the vendor as a requested enhancement. We hope to be able to offer this functionality in the future.