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About ACH Certification

Expand your knowledge of electronic payments, demonstrate your commitment to professionalism, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace by staying informed of the latest developments, requirements, and emerging applications in electronic payments.

This program is available exclusively to members of ePayResources.

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Why this course?

  • Exclusively Available to ePayResources Members Only
  • Affordable
  • Taught by Payments Professionals
  • Receive the Most Current Information in the ACH World
  • Great Stepping Stone to the AAP


Program Details

Participants are required to complete a broad curriculum covering specific topics within a one-year time frame. Upon completion of the required curriculum, candidates must attend a review webinar and earn a passing score on ePay's ACH Certification exam.

  • ACH Operations Personnel
  • Financial Institution Training Personnel
  • Any professional seeking electronic payments industry certification
  • Comparative Payment Systems
  • Navigating the ACH Rules Book
  • ACH Products
  • ACH Operations
  • ACH Exceptions
  • ACH Origination
  • ACH Risk Basics
  • ACH Bits & Bytes
  • Rules Enforcement
  • Annual ACH Rules Update
  • Government Payments: The Green Book - Chapter 5
  • Government Payments: The Green Book - Chapters 1-4 & 6-9
  • Decoding Regulation E
  • TPSP vs TPS: What's the Difference?
  • ACH Rules Book
  • ACH Rules Book Tabs
  • Access to exclusive Connections community for discussion and study
  • ePay's ACH Certification Exam fee
  • Two opportunities to test
  • Registration fees for required courses
  • Tuition for the review course
  • Program registration and processing fees

$1,500 (Savings of over $2,000!)


Testing to Attain ePay's ACH Certification

An ePay's ACH Certification candidate has one year in which to complete the required courses and pass the exam. The program expiration is calculated one year from the date of purchase. The exam may be taken at any time within the one year once coursework is complete. There are two opportunities to take and pass the exam within the one year registration period.

It takes two and one-half hours to complete one On Demand Course, on average. Some courses may take longer. Some courses can be completed in less time. The time you take to complete an On Demand Course depends on your learning style; the length of audio / video components within the course; how many times the player is paused; and other factors.

The ACH Certification test is Internet based. There is no need to travel.

The test covers six areas of expertise included in the required ePay's ACH Certification courses. The exam blue print categories are listed below.

  1. General Payments Overview/Comparative Payment Systems
  2. Marketing & Products
  3. Risk Management
  4. Rules & Regulations
  5. Operational Process/Flow
  6. Technical Standards/Formats

The candidate needs a stable Internet connection. Three hours are provided to take the 120 question, multiple choice test. Of the 120 questions, 100 questions are scored for purposes of the ePay's ACH Certification result. Once the test is started by the candidate, it must be completed in one sitting. Please, plan accordingly.

Candidates are on their honor to answer questions based on their knowledge. ePay's ACH Certification test is not open book/open resource. An assertion that the test was completed by the candidate without the assistance of any reference materials or sources, electronic or otherwise, is required. Test results are provided after ePayResources receives the candidate's signed assertion.

Maintaining Your ePay's ACH Certification

Upon receipt of ePay's ACH Certification, all certified members must complete continuing education obligations annually to maintain ePay's ACH Certification. The continuing education requirement begins the calendar year after the ePay's ACH Certification certificate is printed. You are able to begin the recertification process through our online learning management system, ePayU, nine months before expiration.

Access to recertification can begin by following the steps below

  1. Log in to ePayU
  2. Navigate to your Dashboard
  3. Select the grey Certifications button
  4. Select Recertify under Actions next to your earned certificate

NOTE: Continuing education credits do not carry over to subsequent years for later use nor can continuing education credits be pre-completed in a prior year.

ePay's ACH Certified members must file all continuing education credits no later than the expiration date provided on your certificate. You do not have to wait until expiration to begin the recertification process; you may complete it as early as nine months prior to expiration. A late filing fee is assessed if the certificate expires.