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ACH Boot Camps

ePayResources is the leading resource for boot camps in the ACH world. Our training provides:

  • A jump-start into the ACH world
  • Months of experience in two days
  • Proper training
  • Reduced risk

Two different courses are available: 

ACH Boot Camp - Fundamentals 
ACH Boot Camp - Compliance Specialist  

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ACH Boot Camp - Fundamentals

Understanding the laws, regulations, and rules for processing ACH is a must for every financial institution. This two-day workshop is designed to introduce attendees to the ACH Network by providing an in-depth review of the essentials for compliant ACH operations. During the workshop, you learn how to identify ACH Network participants; discover how an understanding of ACH terms and payment formats can expedite the resolution of customer inquiries; navigate the maze of the ACH Rules Book to find the information you need; decode an Entry to understand the message being received; chart the course of an Return Entry; dig through the technical specifications of a File; and identify and quickly troubleshoot errors.


 SEC Code Quick Reference Chart
 Time Frames, Transaction Handling, and Retention Quick Reference Chart
 FAQs about ACH Network and Federal Reserve Bank optional programs

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ACH Boot Camp - Compliance Specialist 

This two-day compliance-based workshop addresses the heightened regulatory concerns in our rapidly changing payments environment. This intermediate-level workshop focusing on risk mitigation explores new ACH Rules and the options to implement these changes successfully. A focused discussion of ACH origination provides you with the vital information needed to formulate a strategy to effectively implement and grow your ACH origination service while avoiding costly common mistakes. This session also examines an RDFI’s liability for all post-death federal benefit payments to help you limit your institution’s liability.

Two or more years of ACH experience is recommended due to the elevated level of discussion that will give you valuable insight into the development of your organization’s ACH policies and procedures.


• ACH Compliance Checklist

• Gap analysis document for evaluation of ACH risk management programs

• Other checklists and quick references


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