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About APRP

About Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP)

The APRP credential demonstrates that you, or your employees, have mastered the complexities of risk management for ACH, cards, checks, wires, faster payments, and emerging and alternative payments. Exam participants should have a comprehensive knowledge of risk management strategies, concepts, and mitigation techniques within the payments ecosystem.

APRP Review Before You Test

This intensive review course helps candidates prepare for the APRP exam by reviewing critical areas of study, assessing your knowledge level, and identifying weaknesses. This session provides users with hands-on exercises and group interaction while reviewing the APRP examination material. Practice test questions are an integral part of this workshop. Additionally, this session includes test-taking tips, key concepts about taking a computerized multiple-choice exam, and study tips from APRP professionals. Don’t go into the exam without the right preparation. Please note that Nacha recommends at least two years of experience in the payments industry prior to taking the APRP exam.

Members Group Rate (up to 5):

Up to 12 AAP/ APRP Credits


Aspiring APRP Power Package

Are you committed to taking the APRP exam? Then the Aspiring APRP Power Package is for you. The APRP Power Package includes the following to set you on your way toward successfully achieving the APRP certification.

What's included:

  • What you need to know to become an APRP webinar (free)
  • APRP Prep package (Publications) ($255 value)
  • APRP Review ($495 value)
  • APRP Prep - Webinar Series ($995 value)

Members: $1,395
Non-Members: $2,695

Nacha Certification Test cost not included in pricing.


APRP Certification Test Preparation Webinar Series

Join us for an interactive series of webinars designed to both inform and engage as you prepare for the APRP exam.

All 6 webinars for only:
Members: $995
Non-members: $1,395

Up to 10.8 AAP / APRP Credits


Aspiring APRP Publication Package

The Aspiring APRP Publication Package includes study materials to help you in your endeavor to successfully achieve the APRP certification.

APRP Publication Package, ($255) includes:

  • Managing ACH Credit Risk Guide
  • Nacha's ACH Risk Management Handbook
  • APRP Flashcards

Members: $255
Non-Members: $510