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About Faster Payments Professional Certificate

Faster payments are here to stay, and with Same Day ACH, RTP®—plus whatever comes next—it’s more important than ever to be prepared.

The Faster Payments Professional (FPP) is a first-of-its-kind program providing certificate holders with a holistic view of faster payments and acquainting them with current offerings. Earning this certificate demonstrates competency in payment methods and systems that are fast, ubiquitous, secure, efficient, and collaborative.

Individuals who complete the program will earn a total of 6.54 AAP/APRP CECs.

Who should earn the FPP certificate

The FPP certificate program is designed for payments industry stakeholders, including individuals employed by financial institutions, financial technology companies, regulatory bodies, and service providers.

How to earn the FPP certificate

  • The training consists of three individual modules.
  • Each module contains a quiz.
  • A final, cumulative quiz will be given by ePayResources.
  • Candidates must score a 70 on each individual module quiz and the cumulative quiz to earn the FPP Certificate.

Pricing and Registration

$695 for members / $995 for non-members

This bundle includes all three modules for the Faster Payments Professional Certificate.

- Module 1: Faster Payments Foundations
- Module 2: Faster Payments Functionality
- Module 3: Operations, Fraud, Risk, Legal & Regulatory Considerations

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Module One Faster Payments Foundations

The first module covers: foundational terms related to faster payments, faster payment types and differences, ecosystem stakeholders, fundamentals of the faster payments network and faster payments risk and regulation. The module consists of seven courses and a final, ten-question quiz.

  • What are faster payments?
  • Why use faster payments?
  • Types of faster payments
  • Parties Involved/Stakeholders
  • Faster Payment Network Fundamentals
  • Faster Payment Use Cases
  • Overview of Risk and Regulations
  • Quiz

Module Two Faster Payments Functionality

Faster Payments Functionality is module two of Nacha's Faster Payments Professional Certificate program. Module two takes a deeper dive into settlement and clearing across the faster payments options and how the payments flow with each service before moving to a discussion of the technologies involved with faster payments. Module two closes with an overview of user experience, interoperability, and the use of remittance data in faster payments.

  • Clearing/Exchange
  • Settlement methods
  • Finality, Irrevocability & Remediation
  • Timing & rules
  • Technologies involved
  • User experience
  • Interoperability
  • Remittance Detail
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Quiz

Module Three Operations, Fraud, Risk, Legal & Regulatory Considerations

Operations, Legal & Regulatory Considerations is module three of Nacha's Faster Payments Professional Certificate program. This module opens up with topics related to operation management. Next, we discuss fraud and risk management. Module 3 closes with Legal & Regulatory Compliance considerations. 

  • Operations management

       - Liquidity management        
       - Reconciliation & Reporting       
       - Notifications, Disclosures, & Transparency        
       - Customer Support

  • Fraud management
  • Risk management
  • Legal & Regulatory Compliance considerations
  • Quiz