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About National Check Payments Certification Program

Through the National Check Payments Certification program, National Check Professionals (NCPs) demonstrate a working knowledge of every significant aspect of the check payment system, including products and operations, relevant rules and laws that govern check image exchange including industry standards and fraud and risk mitigation considerations.

To take the exam you must register for and purchase the exam through ECCHO. Click here to find out additional information from ECCHO and register for the exam. For more information about ECCHO and the cost of the NCP exam, visit their website.

To prepare for the exam, ePayResources teamed with ECCHO to provide a series of webinars and study materials concentrating on core, blue-print exam categories: Rules, Laws, & Regulations; Fraud & Risk Mitigation; Operations; and Products. 

ePayResources is committed to assisting the NCP candidate in exam preparation. We provide an NCP Prep community through our Connections website. The community is exclusive to individuals preparing for the current exam and that have purchased ePay's Power Package program or the webinar series. It provides one repository for webinar sessions' decks; supplemental materials; additional study tools; and recordings of each session when available (typically one business day after the live webinar). 

The Connections Community also provides a forum for communication between NCP candidates and ePayResources’ NCPs. We answer questions, drive discussion, and clarify content in a near-real-time, online environment.

NCP Power Package

Are you committed to taking the NCP exam this year? Then the Aspiring NCP Power Package is for you. The NCP Power Package includes all of the following to set you on your way toward successfully achieving the NCP certification.

Pricing - Members: $1,295  |  Non-Members: $2,595 

NCP Certification Test cost not included in NCP Power Package pricing.


NCP Webinar Series

ePayResources offers two preparation webinar series. Series 1 provides a head start to exam prep. The series allows candidates six months to review and absorb critical check image exchange concepts. Series 1 webinars are scheduled approximately every two weeks. With one week between each webinar, NCP candidates have expanded time to consider and contemplate the information. Series 1 begins in the Fall of each calendar year, and it provides six months of study time. Series 2 begins January of each calendar year. It provides three months study time.

A total of 12 webinars are included. Members: $995  |  Non-members: $1,395


NCP Review Before You Test Courses

Want more training? Consider registering for this program that reviews all the information you will learn on the webinars above, and it's strategically scheduled to take place right before you take the exam.

We offer a two-day review class to allow NCP candidates the opportunity to study with an NCP instructor.

This review course is designed to help candidates prepare for the NCP exam by reviewing critical areas of study, assessing your knowledge level, and identifying weaknesses. This session reviews the main areas of testing:

  1. UCC 3 & 4, Regulation CC, 
  2. Check Products, 
  3. Fraud Mitigation, Check Exceptions, Standard & Formats, and 
  4. Image Exchange.

Don't go into the exam without the right preparation.

Pricing - Members: $495  |  Non-Members: $895
CE: Earn up to 12 NCP Credits

Our "NCP Review Before You Test" classes are 2-day events and generally follow this schedule:
9:00AM - 5:00PM ET
8:00AM - 4:00PM CT
7:00AM - 3:00PM MT